With the changing season comes a change in the collections. For the upcoming colder months, we have selected four trends that are perfect to shop for second-hand and garments that tick the boxes for more than just one of them. With inflation and heating bills both on the rise, the focus is on knitwear, jackets and versatile clothing. Therefore, durable pieces, of high quality which are classic enough to be kept for a long time have been sourced, centering on vibes, materials and colors rather than on specific cuts or it-items.




Like clockwork, with the beginning of autumn comes the return of knitwear. But this year knits will be wider, thicker and heavier than in the last years – plus they come in pant form. Given the current political climate - in Europe as well as globally - wearing warming clothes is a direct reflection of the current state of the world. With everything appearing to be sinking into chaos, everyone is looking for security and comfort, a search starting each day in front of the closets. The pieces can be colorful or have an interesting structure but, in any case, the motto this season is: it's all about the details.




When going for a classic look and elegant aesthetic shades of cream and camel are the go-to. This year all nuances are heavily sought after - especially combined with anything dark brown. The color combination has been popular for some time with those who build a capsule wardrobe due to its versatility and easy combinability. It also is the perfect trend for the second-hand market, as it not only has been around once or twice, but as well is timeless enough to keep for years to come with proper care.




This autumn it’s all about patterns and these come in a variety. Instead of the oversized abstract patterns, it is more about small patterns and those classified as preppy. There are checks, houndstooth, stripes and diamond patterns in diverse levels of abstraction and sizes. This means a return of the classic Burberry check and a plaid pattern in general, on dresses or knit pieces. Especially knit this season is going to be patterned for the fall-winter season, for a more interesting feel and the creation of a statement look, while just pairing them with pants.




Leather is the perfect material for this fall. Mainly in black, it can be seen on countless catwalks, in look books and fashion spreads. From shearling to smooth leather, it can be sensual, comfortable or fashion forward - depending on how it is styled.

Here, an emphasis is placed on real leather instead of faux-leather, since many so-called vegan leathers are based on plastic and petroleum in one form or another. If you decide to buy this variant, we recommend that you test it for longevity and first look at the pre-loved market for pieces of the brand you decided on. It usually quickly becomes apparent that the products are hard to find or in poor condition.