Gotten back into the swing of things? Now that offices will remain open for the foreseeable future, it is time to consider an update to the work wardrobe. No matter if the hours remain flexible and time is split between home office and days spent at the office, some occasions still require it to dress up.

Some offices still might be very strict in their dress code, while others do casual Friday every day. New terms have been coined – instead of business casual we now opt for power casual – where business meets leisure clothing. Today even brands formerly focussed on business attire put a stronger emphasis on comfort. Materials are chosen more carefully, based on comfort and not just aesthetics. Pants with elastic waistbands, made of soft materials are the way to go. Blazers are the business appropriate throw on for the zoom conferences which still take place and are slowly converting from oversized to tailored.

Today more and more workplaces might be relaxed about a dress code – but for the ones who are not, shopping becomes harder and harder. Often shoppers turn to the second-hand market not only as it is more sustainable but as well because the garments in need are actually to be found. This as well is smart, as the pieces are classic basics, which will never go out of style and should not miss in any wardrobe. Going through the current collections many formerly conservative brands by now as well focus on pieces which are no longer office appropriate in many industries.

Casual yes, but some work in consulting, banking or other fields – maybe even just have a presentation in front of the board. Between the school girl inspired infamous Miu Miu set and the seemingly never ending crave for suits a matching set is the safest choice to make a fashion statement. A more grown-up professional option of the mini skirted version could be a costume or two-piece blazer set.

Of course, the fashion donned at the workplace is not only connected to the industry and the company but the economy and social climate. In a time of peace and economic upswing, where companies are in need of new employees to support their growth the fashion rules tend to be laxer. But as soon as the economy is dipping or the world is in an uproar fashion goes back to being structured, groomed and sometimes even conservative. A bank cleck in a dark blue suit still evokes more trust than one in a hoodie when it comes to managing hard earned funds in a crisis.

The heel height changes – in accordance to the stock market and economic events. Whenever the economy dips there is a growth in heel heights. This has been observed during the burst of the dot-com bubble or the crash in 2008. With the economic instabilities caused by the pandemic it does make sense, that heel heights are skyrocketing and even Plateaus are added.

Even the currently so popular old money aesthetic leans heavily on workplace basics. A world of financial security is created, a more conservative aesthetic, a dream world in which everything seems easy, save and glamorous. A matching set of vest and blazer paired with a white blouse? A perfect look. A pair of kitten-heeled pumps as well match the aesthetic as do wool dresses, vintage blouses and top handle bags. It is one of the aesthetics, that is easily transformed into an everyday look for every workplace and the essentials are so classic, they can be kept, cherished and restyled for years.

After two years of working from home the choices of what to wear back to work are not only plenty but as well confusing. Choices can vary from what has been worn before the beginning of the pandemic to a more casual approach. These closets can consist of embroidered blouses, low heels or flowy dresses. Others yearn for glamour and a confidence boost by power dressing. These wardrobes could stock up on vests, structured skirts and high heels. And here come some of our top choices from the second hand market.