You love to watch the nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, pastel-colored macarons and rose champagne. Upon entering your world everything is perfectly curated and you spent the time before the holidays sipping rose tea and hunting down the perfect (sustainable) gift for everyone. 


Giambattista Valli was founded in 2005 as a brand based in ready-to-wear. In 2011 they officially added a Couture Branche. To actually be recognized by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture as a Couture house, a protected trademark in France,a brand has to fulfill diverse requirements. These include 35handmadegarments to be presented on a runway show as well as a headquarter in Paris.

The gown showcased here might not be Couture but does show some references.Similar details, as the ruffles and capes, could be recognized on the runways of 2018 couture or 2017 resort. This gown itself has been shown at the ready-to-wear runway of Spring 2016, look 45 in grass green. A great example of the designers’ ability to create timeless pieces in an effortless style.

This garment will perfectly harmonize with the green of your Christmas tree. The pistachio-colored gown will softly flow around you and give you a celestial appearance. Black-tie never has been this comfortable – the silk on the skin is very lightweight and the dress is not restrictive in any way. Beautiful ruffles and a cape-like back add to the royal aesthetic of the dress, which will make every wearer feel like a princess.

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Being introduced in 1955 as Constance, the bag was shortly thereafter named after one of her best-known fans: Jackie Kennedy. She brought the bag to fame and made it a classic staple for decades to come. One could even speculate when looking at 90s Tom Ford Gucci and the re-invented classic, that the Jackie has had a part in saving the back then struggling company. After undergoing multiple design facelifts, last but not least by Allesandro Michele, the core shape is still intact. Currently, the bag again can be seen on celebrities as it is easy to style for everyday use with its rounded corners and short handle. If you aren’t one of the few who can raid their mother’s closets for a vintage version, here is your opportunity to snatch one up in one of the millennial’s most sought-after colors.

The crocodile embossed bag in millennial pink combined with the classic shape of the bag combines elegance and opulence flawlessly. Fitting all the essentials, yet dainty enough to make her a mini bag it is hard to pass on. Finding a small version of the bag second-hand is rather rare, especially as the blush pink mini version currently is again for sale on the Gucci website. We think this would make the perfect accessory to wear when watching the new movie “House of Gucci”. 

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Anna Molinari and her husband founded the brand Bluemarine based on their love for the color blue and dedication to the ocean in Capri back in 1977. 18 years later, in 1995 Bluegirl was added, a more whimsical line that still represents the original Italian DNA. The line grew up with the consumers base, formerly focused on teenagers, to a mature individual that can stand on its own. It stands for a toned-down glamour that does not restrict in any setting.

The champagne-colored dress is decorated with streaks of gold, created in a way that almost appears as if the dress has been used as a canvas by an artist. The balloon sleeves, short hemline and slightly enhanced shoulders create a garment fit for this Christmas and many more occasions to come.

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Ever since its introduction 2016 the Attico quickly rose to fame and we are all lusting after the feather-embroidered designs by the brand. The brand creates an effortless look that offers 21-century appropriate glamour. The Attico itself states to create collectibles, therefore a rare sight on the second-hand market. The here to be seen bag shape has been carried over from spring 2018 to spring 2019, featured in both look-books. What changed over time were the color offerings, from a bright blue to white, or like here: yellow. Pantone declared an illuminating yellow to be one of the colors for 2021, perfect to lighten up grey winter days. It can be worn cross-body or hung around the neck and features a drawstring closure. The tassels attached to the bag’s closure add another texture, making the bag even more interesting to look at. This feathery friend can be the perfect companion for years to come, adding something extra to even the most basic look.

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The UK-based brand, founded in 2013, has gotten the royal stamp of approval. Being worn by Kate Middelton, instantly made it an occasion wear staple. This mini dress will allow you to compete with the nutcrackers sugar plum fairy. The Nancy dress is a staple of the premium brand, which can still be found online and in-store. A delicately ruffled tulle paired with paillettes in champagne color is neutral enough to already be re-worn for a new year’s party. The appropriate attire to attend a ballet around the holidays or open presents on Christmas eve.

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The fall 2013 collection created by Marc Jacobs was inspired by hotel stays and lounging around in pajamas all day long – something we got all too familiar with over the last months. Overall, the show was boasting with classic characteristics of 20th-century luxury, from exotic skins to feathers and furs. The old-world opulence paired with the casual out-of-bed looks is very fitting for the colder days: feel comfortable without being embarrassed to greet any surprise visitors.

The Crocodile-embossed shoes have actually been featured on the Louis Vuitton runway. If look 10 is closely examined the shoes can be spotted paired with a pajama-inspired ensemble and fur-lined coat. This pair looks like it’s never left the house, even the leather soles show few markings. They are a great collectible for every fashion victim and can be styled with basically everything. The lavender shade is a perfect match for every pastel-loving individual with a flair for the dramatic.

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The designers’ creativity knew no bounds. From illustrating fairy tales to designing homeware and creating idiosyncratic couture gowns – everything was treated with equal importance to aesthetic. His ensembles are known for boldly mixing color, patterns, and textures, sometimes all in one piece. Particularly fond of patchwork and stripes, at the core of the design aesthetic has always been drama and extravaganza. In 1994 the brand introduced Christian Lacroix Bazar, a more casual division as a supplement to the opulent pieces of his main line.

For a person who adores color, bold patterns and interesting cuts this showstopping dress is a perfect match. The dress is composed of a heavy brocade that keeps the shape of the garment intact, while boldly mixing different patterns. Recognizably Lacroix is not only the mix of colors put as well the patchwork effect given to the structured dress. Soft pinks meet dark purple, greens and fuchsia. All the colors together create a bold yet very feminine dress.

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A designer of Dominican origin learned the fashion business from the grand names as Lanvin and Balenciaga, only to become one of the most influential designers of the 20thcentury himself. In addition to that, he contributed to fashion overall as president of the Council of fashion designers of America. Since 1965 Oscar de la Renta and his namesake brand dominated American fashion, dressing presidents, and socialites alike. Known for his usage of bright colors he was the first Dominican ever to design for a French couture house. With this experience in hand, he manages to expertly mix European couture and American sportswear. His designs are inspired and easy to wear, without lacking elegance and sophistication.

The necklace is reminding us strongly of Anna Wintour, who as well often chose big statement crystal necklaces to bling up her midi dresses. It is a very special piece showcasing stones ascending in size and color intensity. Starting off with clear crystals transforming to a pastel pink climaxing in the biggest stones with a dark purple hue. It can be fastened in different lengths and therefore worn as a choker style for a more current look as well as a necklace that beautifully drapes over the wearer’s collarbones.

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The Hermès Carre is one of the best-known products of the French heritage brand. The company owns the production site, is weaving the used silk twill in-house and prints the scarves. Having the production process vertically integrated ensures that the products on offer are of the highest quality. The silk itself is thickly woven and makes it heavier than an average luxury silk scarf. All the seams are hand rolled and hand stitched, a nice additional feature of every piece. The hand-printed patterns consist, on average, of 27 colors but some reached up to 39 different hues.

Normally Hermès introduces 12 new designs per year. This particular print has been issued in 2013. The artist Christine Henrycreated the design namedPique Fleuri de Provence. The bright orange base, a signature color for the Maison, is printed with an intricate floral design in contrasting turquoise, blue and pink. The multicolored silkscarf is a typical Hermès Carre, measuring 90 x 90 centimeters, perfect for the neck or as a headscarf, as we already saw the past summer on many influencers. A classic staple like this should not be missed in any wardrobe.

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One of the most famous luxury fashion brands on the globe is Chanel. Known for its accessories and tweed jackets the brand is creating timeless classics. Up to today, the global player is privately held, a rare sight in the market of luxury goods. Famously not offering its accessories and clothing online the brand is a classic luxury fashion powerhouse, increasing prices regularly and creating an allure of being untouchable, by financial crises or critiques.

Always relying on its original and recognizable signifiers: the camelia, the number five and the intertwined CC logo. This design prominently shows two of the three and “Chanel” printed in purple, red and orange on a rose base. This graffiti scarf dates back to 2015 and is crafted of a mix of cashmere and silk. Due to the nature of the used materials, the scarf is very lightweight yet warming. It can easily accompany the wearer all year round, from winter to summer.

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Twenty years passed since the start of the millennium when Prada prominently showcased ostrich leather on its spring 2000 runway, from coats to costumes. The soft purple tones prominently used are already back in style, barely a year after the collection officially reached vintage status. The collection was filled with clean lines and soft tones of 90s minimalism. Therefore, we consider it a great example of Prada’s mastery in the creation of basics that are worth the investment.

The bag on show has not been spotted in the campaign or on the runway but based on the color as well as the material it can be placed around spring 2000. This vintage Boston bag comes with an attachable strap to transform the top-handle- into a shoulder bag. Additionally, it is a full set: certificates and dustbag are coming with the item.

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