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brand: CHANEL

product name: graffiti scarf

product type: scarf

material: 80% cashmere, 20% silk


170 cm length

65 cm width

size: onesize

color: multicolor - rose, orange, red, purple, green, grey

season: 2015

product condition: very good 


One of the most famous luxury fashion brands on the globe is Chanel. Known for its accessories and tweed jackets the brand is creating timeless classics. Up to today, the global player is privately held, a rare sight in the market of luxury goods. Famously not offering its accessories and clothing online the brand is a classic luxury fashion powerhouse, increasing prices regularly and creating an allure of being untouchable, by financial crises or critiques.

Always relying on its original and recognizable signifiers: the camelia, the number five and the intertwined CC logo. This design prominently shows two of the three and “Chanel” printed in purple, red and orange on a rose base. This graffiti scarf dates back to 2015 and is crafted of a mix of cashmere and silk. Due to the nature of the used materials, the scarf is very lightweight yet warming. It can easily accompany the wearer all year round, from winter to summer.