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brand: HERMÈS

product name: Pique Fleuri de Provence 

product type: carre

material: 100 % silk

measurements: 90 x 90 cm

size: onesize 

color: multicolor: orange | turquoise | grey | green | pink

season: 2013

product condition: very good - shows storage creases


The Hermès Carre is one of the best-known products of the French heritage brand. The company owns the production site, is weaving the used silk twill in-house and prints the scarves. Having the production process vertically integrated ensures that the products on offer are of the highest quality. The silk itself is thickly woven and makes it heavier than an average luxury silk scarf. All the seams are hand rolled and hand stitched, a nice additional feature of every piece. The hand-printed patterns consist, on average, of 27 colors but some reached up to 39 different hues.

Normally Hermès introduces 12 new designs per year. This particular print has been issued in 2013. The artist Christine Henrycreated the design namedPique Fleuri de Provence. The bright orange base, a signature color for the Maison, is printed with an intricate floral design in contrasting turquoise, blue and pink. The multicolored silkscarf is a typical Hermès Carre, measuring 90 x 90 centimeters, perfect for the neck or as a headscarf, as we already saw the past summer on many influencers. A classic staple like this should not be missed in any wardrobe.