What to do in summer 2023 – and what to wear while doing it?

In Spain the temperatures already exceeded summery heights while northern Europe is still stuck in a rainy spring. While both sides might wish for the opposite climate, trips are planned and last years summer favorites will be brought out soon. Therefore, it is finally time to fill whichever gaps are to be found in your wardrobe while sipping cocktails in cool couture on your couch.

For some sparkles might be replaced this summer with an ode to the bygone days of the ever so minimalist 90s. After all the dazzling designs some prefer sleeker looks this season, which will not look any less interesting. Under the sizzling sun, it might feel more appropriate to opt for vibrant colors but cremes and black are the easiest candidates to achieve this aesthetic, as well as to pair with a pop of color – in form of a fresh flower bouquet as well as a summery accessory.

Whether you plan to lay by the pool in Puglia or slay in Santorini the time of summer vacations is rapidly approaching. With it are garden parties and festivals to be seen on the horizon. Fringe is the detail made for every festival season, a long-lasting love affair rekindled every year. With that come some boho-inspired elements, which haven’t been around in the last couple of years. Think ruffles, and layers but this time more elevated and less boldly patterned.

Summer might be mostly associated with crop tops, bikinis and short garments. But oftentimes the evenings get cold, some regions might generally be not known for to hot temperatures and for those distrusting the first signs of summer more wintery details like velvet appliques come unexpected but fitting.

Here are some of our top picks for this season, from Prada to vintage YSL.