Historically after every crisis people feel the urge to party. That has been one of the reasons how the time we know as the roaring twenties came about. If you look at the current fashion, many designers are preparing for a repetition. The ability to go out again and get ready to greet the New Year together got everyone excited. 
We are looking at some 20s themed parties for New Year’s Eve. For this occasion we took a deep dive into the fashion of that decade past and found re-interpretations on the second-hand market, fitting for 2022. These can as well be worn for many years and occasions to come. 

Alberta Ferretti

In the 1920s fashion, most dresses have been monochromatic, as is this runway Alberta Ferretti silk dress from fall 2011, look 30. The very simple reason: Embroideries, Beadings and other decorations were in high demand. But the detailing of these could only be seen when put against a solid background. The rather brightshade of pink would not have been sought after, in a time when colors were pastel or at least muted. For 2022on the other hand orchid pink is said to be one of the colors in highest demand.

The knee-length dress, combined with a clean a-line cut and high neckline is reminiscent of the straight and wide cuts typical for the 20s. The embellished hem adds another fun element of the decade.

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Emporio Armani

The 20s as well launched a new direction in design: Art Deco. It originated in France and impacted every aspect of daily life, from houses to furniture, and of course clothing. The trend represented glamour, affluence and certainty that progress was not to be stopped. These Armani shoes feature heels, which very much fit in the art-deco mindset. Featuring a gilded finish is one detail. Additionally the stacked aesthetic of clean lines has often been used in architecture. Compare them to the American Radiator building, the similarities are indisputable.  

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Judith Leiber

The bags back in the day typically have been rather small and as well primarily been handheld accessories. As a first sign of independence, it was more common for women of every social standing to live on their own and therefore need to actually carry things like keys or money. While daytime bags used to be made of leather, an evening version was more sparkly. The typical metal frame and closure have been used to give the bag shape as they mainly have been made of embroidered canvas or mesh material. This black python by Judith Leiber might be bigger and can be worn crossbody, but the inspiration is art deco. 

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Badgley Mischka

An American-based Brand could not be more appropriate to wear, when taking style inspirations from Daisy Buchanan to dress for a roaring party. As Baz Luhrmann did in 2013 for the Great Gatsby, this dress is not historically accurate, but a reinterpretation. Form-fitting shapes haven’t been on-trend, or appropriate a hundred years ago. Dresses ending right below the knee on the other hand have been scandalously sexy and in high demand. The flapper-inspired beading is an additional detail that nicely ties in a 20s inspiration in a modernized manner. 

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Ann Demeulemeester

Especially in the 20s, a greater emphasis has been put on the shoes. As skirts rose higher, shoes could actually be seen for the first time. The shoes by experimental Ann Demeulemeester show certain details of the 20s, mixed with the court shoes of Louis XIV. The curved heel, named after the Sun King has been present in both periods. Here the curved Louis heel undergoes another update: becoming more slender. The kitten-heel height is very sought after by today’s fashionable crowd but has been as well in the 20s and the courts back in the 17th century. Typically for the 20s, were oxford-style lace-up shoes for women, comfortable and secure at the foot, for dancing all night long. 

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