If you are on the hunt for more than one piece this might be the perfect option for you. Here we select, after a thorough collaborative process of discussing the do’s and don’t’s, creative inputs and inspirations an array of items for you. Every customer need can be taken into consideration, if products are not wanted to be purchased second hand The Forms will find an (sustainable) alternative or a new product. 

This option might be chosen to find bridesmaids dresses in a similar style or color-scheme but all second hand or certain set of products to be surprised by, for a certain inspiration or a certain predetermined set of products all in one style. 

Feel free to reach out to us at to start the process!

As an inspiration take a look into our first PERSONAL DROP, based on a Mercedes SL sports car. 


With its elegance, sophisticated design and sportiness, the Mercedes 190 SL reflects the lifestyle of the late 1950s and 1960s like hardly any other vehicle - fascinating people to this day.

Based on an ivory-colored 190 SL convertible, built in 1959, with a black fabric hood, dark red MB Tex upholstery and red interior lining in hairyarn bouclé, The Forms has put together a hand-picked selection of products from the time of the so called “economic miracle” or related to this time and style:

Multimedia collage


I. The sand-colored Brioni lined blouson made of genuine leather comes with a detachable collar made in the style of the early 1960s. It not only protects the wearer against the wind in the open car, but can also be worn as an elegant jacket for all occasions. | condition: like new


II. The classic headgear in a convertible is the flat cap; The Forms chose the vintage-look one by Stetson made of 100% cowhide, lined with 100% cotton, and the one by Guerra made of cashmere, especially for the cold season. As requested by the customer the pieces have been sourced new. | condition: new


III. The leather driver's gloves, in traditional craftsmanship and in the style of the 50s, were made by Der Lederhandschuhmacher, a young company from the Erzgebirge. As requested by the customer the pieces have been sourced new. - condition: new


IV. The Hermès Carré “Les Voitures A Transformation” was first introduced in the 60s. To be worn in the manner of Grace Kelly as a headscarf it can also protect co-drivers form wind during sporty rides at higher speeds. – condition: very good (vintage)


V. For a day away, the Gucci Constance, a design from the late 50s, later named "Jackie" after its prominent wearer Jacqueline Kennedy, offers enough space for all necessities. The Forms chose dark red on a light background to match the interior of the SL and showcase the Gucci Supreme pattern. – condition: very good (vintage)


VI. More than the daily essentials can be packed in the Louis Vuitton Satellite. Typical for 50s inspired suitcases are to be carried by hand and closed with leather buckles. – condition: good (vintage)


VII. The Hermès Avoine is intended as a picknick blanket or alternatively as a warm blanket on the knees of the passenger. Made from 85% linen and 15% cashmere and provided with decorative seams, a real gem for traveling in a convertible. - condition: very good


VIII. The sterling silver champagne glasses are indestructible and ensure that a refreshing glass of champagne can be enjoyed at any potential stay. - condition: very good


IX. The silver pocket knife from Tiffany's "1837 Makers Collection", a real collector's item, prepares travelers for many eventualities. - condition: very good


X. The Taittinger 1959 is an absolute rarity. A champagne from the year when the Mercedes 190 SL Cabrio was manufactured; an exceptionally good vintage in Champagne. – condition: good (vintage)