A Futuristic look is open for interpretation. We choose to follow the path of deconstructed and attention-grabbing. See unexpected colors, shapes and a lot of metallics. More courageous fashion, as well as reflective pieces, are at the core of this selection. As well we aimed at finding pieces, that can be combined to match a theme party but as well always can be worn again and again in your daily life. The future needs to be more environmentally friendly, so the chosen pieces can after new years be easily transformed and incorporated into other looks. 

Alexander McQueen

One of the most debated questions in fashion is the environmental impact of the industry. An industry in transformation, to avoid increasing pollution, better late than never. Alexander McQueen already referenced this important topic in his spring-summer 2009 collection. Named “Natural Dis-tinction/Un-natural Selection“ the designer took the position of an environmentalist. He artistically referenced the Darwinist concept “Survival of the Fittest”. This particular dress is part of the latter part of the show, representing the negative impact of the 21st century on evolution. The dress is not seen in the show, but between looks 27 to 32, the print is seen on and off again. 

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Another metallic, this time set against the classic Dior oblique print. A Y2K favorite designed by Galliano is thrown in the mix. The Columbus clutcfh as seen on the 2003 runway is a completion for a futuristic look. Aperfect little companion with an all-over metallic look. The shape is unexpected enough to fit the theme but as well easy enough to be incorporated into other evening looks. 

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Giuseppe Zanotti

Metallic is a go-to for futuristic fashion. It might be a chrome finish for a robot or a space shuttle but also in fashion, a more subtle but reflecting material is the way to go. 

These Giuseppe Zanotti heels can be incorporated into many celebratory looks. With light bouncing off of the shoe, it will be impossible to miss. A square toe is not only fashionable today, but will most likely remain in fashion for a while. The clean lines are continued in the heel shape and the platform, perfect for the first steps taken in the new year. 

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David Koma

When thinking about meeting otherworldly creatures oftentimes little neon green creatures come to mind. Neon colors are a go-to for the creation of a futuristic look, in fun and fashionable movies. The coloring has also been prominent in current fashion looks in 2021. Especially often donned by influencer Leonie Hanne, never afraid to make a statement. 

After post-apocalyptical utility gear became a trend, this could be for those looking for a more light-hearted approach. The body-hugging garment by Georgian Designer David Koma for sure will be the center of attention at every party. 

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ZE Barcelona

A sparkling number, mixing different embroideries and ideas, is perfect for the new-years-eve. The light reflective sequins will sparkle under the strobe lights at a party. Due to the three-dimensional embroideries, the body has an unexpected structure. A second skin is created which will transform the wearer. Paired with utilitarian pants and mirrored sunglasses the top on show featuring a plunging neckline is perfect for a post-apocalyptical party. 

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Ann Demeulemeester

This gold leather jacket is by Ann Demeulemeester, who is known for her deconstructivist fashion. Most fashion following for a futuristic theme is either that, deconstructed or, avantgarde. That is mostly the reason for it being futuristic: a certain material and design combination or a shape that is not common in our current fashion mindset. Here the metallic gold is the unexpected element. Especially the shoulder details could be right out of a Star Wars movie, while the soft gold is not a common choice for a leather jacket. Paired with feminine ruffles at the sleeve, the juxtaposition of different styles is completed. 

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Dorothee Schumacher

The dusty lilac, already present all fall and winter of 2021, is very fitting for welcoming 2022. The two-piece can be taken apart, becoming a skirt and a top, therefore giving the wearer a multitude of opportunities to re-wear and re-style. For every futuristic party, it can be styled with maybe metallic silver lipstick and a sleek ponytail.

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