To start the new year on the some of us might feel the need to get away, seclude ourselves from the masses and enjoy a couple of days casually. But that does not mean they cannot be spent in style. Going to the mountains, to a rustic wooden hut, the Vuitton suitcases need to be filled with stylish yet comfortable clothing. The color palette we suggest is neutral, soft browns, creams and beiges with some statement pieces. 


The career of Ferretti started by opening a boutique in 1968. She was selling back then lesser-known designers as e.g. Gianni Versace or Armani. Soon these would become her competitors, when she opened her own fashion house, with classic, feminine and delicate designs. The knitted dress is not only casual but as well comfortable. After a long day, nothing is better than relaxing in a comfortable but also elegant dress.

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The second Louis Vuitton Papillon The Forms is offering. This time, an OG vintage version of the bag. Instead of using untreated cowhide leather a structured and treated leather is used for the handles and leather details. This makes the bag more user-friendly, as water stains and discolorations are not a problem. Coming in a slightly smaller size, the bag can still pack all the essentials while not looking oversized. 

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A mock-neck shirt from Proenza Schouler White Label is the perfect companion for cold winter days. The label in place since 2019 is younger and more laid back than the main line of Proenza Schouler. It is known to be more realistic than the main line, fit for people who need versatility in garments, that fit their lifestyle. The mock neck shirt is exactly that: easy to wear and versatile enough, to accommodate the wearer to every possible occasion. A small cut-out at the neck is adding the something special, while the brown and black color combination creates an easy-to-style staple. 

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The French brand currently most famous for its differences with VOGUE, is a minimalist icon. The clean cool-girl chic, a style the brand is prominent for, mainly has been created by Phoebe Philo. When she vacated her position as a creative director, Hedi Slimane took over – and kept her legacy alive, while adding in his own French twist. In a very French manner, the easy-going earrings come with a twist. A circle is set against the front of the earlobe and winding itself backward creating a modernized take on the classic hoop earring. 

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Chloe's little sister came to life in 2001. The brainchild of Phoebe Philo aimed at opening Chloe up to a younger customer group. Chloes’ inherent bohemian elegance is distilled in this diffusion line, creating pieces suitable for every day.

Here it is shown in chocolate brown Marlene-pants. The wide legs combined with a high waist are particularly especially flattering. Due to the soft material the pants are classy in look but comfortable when worn. It is typical of the brand to use brown rather than black. Just as easy to combine, but warmer, softer and just so much more Chloe.

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The classic aviator shades got an update by French fashion house Chloe. The bohemian and free-spirited vibe of the brand launched many careers of the biggest names in fashion, from Karl Lagerfeld to Stella McCartney. Today Gabriela Hearst is refocusing the brand in a more sustainable direction. One of the first brands offering ready-to-wear, since 1952, is known for innovation yet offering very feminine designs. The subtle leather trimmings give the dainty frame a cool touch that is perfect in winter to be paired with heavy knit sweaters and puffer jackets.

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Best known for long camel-colored coats the brand also offers the ready-to-wear to match. The Italian fashion house is making a point of creating classics, with a focus on consumers, who invest in classic garments. The pieces provide a clean canvas, to portray your own personality. Like Italian cuisine, it is simple, has the best ingredients, and is deliciously good. 

This cashmere sweater is light as a feather and comes in a warm caramel color. In a time of cut-outs in winter, this keyhole neckline could be a first toe in the water, without contributing to the landfills of fast fashion overproduction. 

For a person who adores color, bold patterns and interesting cuts this showstopping dress is a perfect match. The dress is composed of a heavy brocade that keeps the shape of the garment intact, while boldly mixing different patterns. Recognizably Lacroix is not only the mix of colors put as well the patchwork effect given to the structured dress. Soft pinks meet dark purple, greens and fuchsia. All the colors together create a bold yet very feminine dress.

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Fur is a very controversial topic. The usage of faux fur for some is an option, but starting into a debate about what is more environmentally friendly, politically correct socially accepted is to wide and important to be held here. The Forms decided to offer you vintage furs, that have already been used but are still awaiting a second life instead of being discarded. Therefore, our first fur piece is a long, naturally colored coat, perfect to keep you warm from October to late March.

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The ruffled blouse, seen on the Pre-fall 2020 – look 9 in white, has been created with the designers’ expert juxtaposition of delicate femininity oozing of strength and boldness. Formerly known as Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti the brand changed its name in 2014. Now the namesake brand of Lorenzo Serafini is still matching the founders’ feminine vibe and is creating dainty and delicate pieces. 

The blouse with the hidden buttons and ruffled details could look very cute and girly. Due to the tartan pattern, it gets the needed edge, to be bold and provide every wearer with the right amount of confidence. 

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