A party that is celebrating the fact, that 2021 is over and we are turning up a new page. For everyone wanting to enjoy the present, we have collected the hottest trends for 2022 you can get on the second-hand market. From bodycon dresses to sheer materials, we got you covered. 

2022 is full of new opportunities for new looks and a new you. Why not start by stepping into the new year with a more sustainable mindset by wearing something second-hand. The benefit of fashion being circular is that most of the upcoming trends have been around already. 

By Malene Birger

Less is more, gender fluidity and withe. This two-piece suit ticks all the boxes for the winter month. For some years suits have dominated the closets of women again and there is no sign of a decline in popularity to be expected anytime soon. Suits have been upgraded from office wear to daytime and evening wear as the simple and clean lines are easy to style. This By Malene Biger suit can as well be a closet staple for years to come. With a heavy boot, it is daytime appropriate, with a strappy sandal it turns into an evening look. The blazer on its own can be styled with pants or skirts and the pants with a heavy knit for a casual winter day. We love a good versatile piece in our closet. 

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Back in 2016 the chocker first made it back into the pages of glossy fashion magazines. The 90s fashion trend was highly debated, equally adored, and despised. But even for 2022 the jewelry piece is still in high demand and seen on show for the likes of Burberry or Lanvin. 

This one is made of leather and forms a little bow – a classic. 

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The Jumpsuit – a no-brainer in modern fashion. Easy to style, comfortable to wear, and cooler than a dress. The catsuit is a sub-category of a jumpsuit. A form-fitting garment, with long legs made of an elastic material. This Version is going to take center stage in 2022. 

Currently, we see straight-cut pants combined with a body-hugging top on many runways – this Fendi version does exactly that and more. Made of a stretchy material this model is very comfortable and easy to wear. Decorated with a waistbelt and ruffled details, it is comfortable, elegant and very flattering.

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No 21

Be ahead of the curve by donning sheer materials, the upcoming spring-summer 2022 trend, for New Year. From the runways to the red carpet sheer garments were rising in popularity among celebrities and designers. Gowns with sparkling threads, embellishments and other attention-seeking details can be spotted increasingly. 

A blouse is easier to style – not presenting the same challenges as a dress in that trend. If worn over a bralette, under a blazer, or with a camisole and a pair of classic jeans, this item is on-trend, yet easy to integrate into every wardrobe. 

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Herve Leger

Bodycon is a synonym for Herve Leger. The brand, omnipresent in the first decade of the 21st century, is back in favor with the in-crowd. With Y2K fashion trends still rising in popularity, it was only a question of days until this staple of the era would reemerge. The post-pandemic look is sexier, but at the same time more structured. Herve Leger’s garments are exactly that. They hug the body but provide you with a sense of control, due to a thick material sinching in the wearer. Soft launching into the comeback of the bodycon look? A skirt by the infamous fashion house is the perfect solution to (re-)introduce this trend into any wardrobe.

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Halston Heritage

Draped garments are in for a comeback in 2022. It has been all about sleek looks and clean cuts for some time now but this is about to change in the next year. Many designers took inspiration from draped looks and toga-inspired goddess gowns for next season. Halston Heritage has gotten you covered on that trend a couple seasons ago. Daring as the brand is known to be it is paired with another trend on the rise: a bodycon dress. This Grecian-inspired bodycon dress is not only comfortable but more flattering than a super-tight version, sans any decorations. The little black dress, with drapes, can be worn as versatile as a more minimal version. The soft and stretchable material creates beautiful and soft effects, hugging the body. 

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