To celebrate the second anniversary of THE FORMS, our annual sale is starting early this year. Over a hundred of our fabulous pieces are now discounted by up to 70%!

Looking back at the past two years, many changes have taken place and we went through a multitude of
developments. Our selection has consistently grown, now encompassing the titans of luxury brands like Prada and YSL, as well as more niche ones, for those in the know like Olympia Le Tan or Chantal Thomass. From vintage classics to sold-out pieces, there's something for bargain hunters and collectors alike. In the past year, we've reluctantly parted with treasures and weeded out fakes. Yet, new additions keep coming, including pieces that have graced runways, appeared in tv-shows, or starred in famous campaigns.

Our commitment to responsible consumption from day one continues as we carefully clean, repair, and mend these exquisite pieces when necessary to ensure they can continue to be worn. Sustainability is a cause we're passionate about. It has always been our mission to reduce consumption and promote circularity. By offering a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality, pre-loved fashion pieces, we encourage a conscious shift away from the disposable culture that harms our planet and prevails in the fashion industry.

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about us

Springing from an interest in fashion grew a dedication to design and craftsmanship. But while the years passed it became apparent how harmful this industry can be for the planet and our society. After years of experiencing and learning about the fashion industry The Forms was founded. We as a company are focussing on design, shape and quality, not just the label attached to a garment. Here you can find a mixture of designer garments, from contemporary to heritage luxury, combined with non-labeled products or unknown brands. All offered products have selected characteristics in common: they are united by high quality as well as design standards and most importantly are all second hand.

If you know, you know and know to find it here. 

  • sustainability

    These actions are not ever going to be completed as they will and have to adapt over time, are ever-evolving. The standards of today are certainly not fitting for our tomorrow and what you read here might be different in a month, a week or even a day. For now, the focus is on doing our part and taking every step towards progress and new developments. The Forms is and will be open for discourse, to learn more about this topic. Choosing the right path and making good choices is something we want to work on together with you.  

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  • authenticity

    Based on years of experience, education and research an authentication process has been developed. Every item on offer is carefully vetted before it is put up for sale by us. If a garment cannot be verified for certain, external contractors are consulted. In case of any further doubt, the product will not be seen on our website.

    We continuously improve our knowledge as well as are adapting the authentication process by learning about new products, collections and alterations in product trademarks. 

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  • sell to us

    If you want to sell an item and feel like it is a match with our offering, standards of quality and aesthetic, feel free to contact us over our Social Media or send us an E-Mail to: service@theforms.de 

    If you have purchased a garment at The Forms, you can sell it back to us. Depending on the changed condition of the product we will make you an offer for the item. This offer can be either in monetary form or alternatively a store credit for The Forms. 

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