To celebrate the second anniversary of THE FORMS, our annual sale is starting early this year. Over a hundred of our fabulous pieces are now discounted by up to 70%!

Looking back at the past two years, many changes have taken place and we went through a multitude of developments. Our selection has consistently grown, now encompassing the titans of luxury brands like Prada and YSL, as well as more niche ones, for those in the know like Olympia Le Tan or Chantal Thomass. From vintage classics to sold-out pieces, there's something for bargain hunters and collectors alike. In the past year, we've reluctantly parted with treasures and weeded out fakes. Yet, new additions keep coming, including pieces that have graced runways, appeared in tv-shows, or starred in famous campaigns.

Our commitment to responsible consumption from day one continues as we carefully clean, repair, and mend these exquisite pieces when necessary to ensure they can continue to be worn. Sustainability is a cause we're passionate about. It has always been our mission to reduce consumption and promote circularity. By offering a thoughtfully curated selection of high-quality, pre-loved fashion pieces, we encourage a conscious shift away from the disposable culture that harms our planet and prevails in the fashion industry.

But our dedication to sustainability doesn't stop there. As we strive to make shopping more circular and environmentally friendly in every way, we also buy items from you or offer consignment services. If you have something to sell, whether it's a once-beloved statement piece, a gift that didn't quite fit, or a hidden gem in your closet, let us know. We're here to make the process of selling your former favorites as easy and seamless as possible. Together, we're making the world a slightly better place, where fashion isn't just about looking good but also feeling good about the choices made.

We're continually taking steps to reduce returns by continuously improving our product descriptions, making them more comprehensive, clear, and detailed. Last year, Chat GPT emerged as a revolutionary tool to support the creation of blog posts and product descriptions, enhancing them with artificial intelligence. This innovation has made information more accessible and helped us work more thoroughly, although the information still needs to be reviewed and tested for accuracy. However, the goal is to enable more informed decision-making.

We understand that gaining trust, especially in a small online shop dealing in second-hand goods, is difficult. Currently, it is a segment where countless bad actors are found, and fraud is almost commonplace – but not with us. That's why our products are offered on a variety of established platforms, not only to reach a broader audience but also to add an extra layer of security to your shopping experience, an additional level of control.

Welcome to a world where luxury and second-hand seamlessly blend, and the possibilities are endless. So, have fun (and shop more sustainably) and enjoy your new favorite piece to which you've given a new lease on life.