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product type: shirt

material: 100 % cotton


68 cm length

46 cm bust

43 cm waist

47 cm hips

39 cm shoulder width

49 cm sleeve length

size: 38 (our estimate)

color: beige | black | red | white

further details: buttoned shirt | ¾ length sleeves | classic burberry check

product condition: very good


One of the most contradictory iconographies in the fashion world is probably the Burberry check. It's conveyed every image - from the outdated look of upper-class Britain, to something that's been a symbol of counterfeits, only to emerge from every change stronger than before. Here it is used as a pattern on a blouse, most likely created in the early 2000s. An indication of the design date is not the fully buttoned-down front but the classic collared shirt being paired with three-quarter-length sleeves.