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product name: spy

product type: handbag

material: down puffer | leather


30 cm height (without handles)  

42 cm length

24 cm depth

color: fire engine red

further details: puffer style bag | woven handles | moncler logo on the outside | hidden coin purse

season: 2000s

product condition: good | slight signs of wear


A Fendi Spy has not been around for some time. But still, it is a safe bet – why? Because the current trend for hobo bags is reaching new heights. The mix of hobo and satchel style is allowing a bigger-sized bag to remain structured, yet soft and laid back. As well as braided leather details and pillow bags are still in high demand and will remain so for some time. Add that up, turn to the second-hand market and you get no other but the Fendi Spy. One of the OG IT-bags, on the verge to becoming vintage, it has been on the scene since 2005, introduced by Silvia Venturini Fendi herself. The massive success led to many limited editions and even collaborations offering a sheer unlimited amount of designs to choose from.

One of the collaborations was this: Moncler x Fendi! The Spy got the typical Moncler puffer make-over. Only 500 of these were ever made, in black, green and red. With this fire-engine red version will make you the center of attention, in Kitz(bühl) or Gstaad.