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thierry mugler


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product type: blazer

material: 100 % acetate | 100 % wool


73 cm length

48 cm bust

38 cm waist

49 cm hips

39 cm shoulder width

62 cm sleeve length

size: 42

color: black

further details: integrated vest

season: 80s / 90s

product condition: very good


Thierry Mugler was and is known for a dramatic statement piece, with some unexpected detail. Here it is an incorporated vest creating a classic, structured and figure-hugging garment, that can be styled in an array of ways. One is to keep it all buttoned up, very proper, just showing a small part of the vest, maybe even paired with a white shirt. Another is to just let the vest show, like a crop top, when wearing the jacket open. Therefore, it is just perfect for business occasions or casual events.